Funkytown Pottery


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About The Potter:
 Mark Kassis 

My attraction to pottery and clay work was initially fostered during my childhood in Wisconsin.  Since then, I've had a long standing love affair with clay and have been fascinated by its initial flexibility, and later rigidity, and how that somehow reflects life. 

I've always enjoyed the creative progression and welcome the challenges that come out of the process.  I enjoy both hand building and the wheel, and find the latter to be an intriguing tool. In some ways it

represents the significance of evolution and change, rendering an end result that differs completely from its original state.  My work tends to stem from a functional standpoint, perhaps with a twist.

After working independently for many years, I attended the Westchester Art Workshop in White Plains, New York. Now, having established my own studio, I am available to move
clay and access a more creative life.  I'm thrilled to share this and invite you to come along for the ride!



 "I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it."

– Pablo Picasso

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